LTT2 meeting
“Train the trainers”

Meeting withing the project of “Modernising European Legal Education” (MELE) in London

From 10 to 14 July 2022, the LTT2 meeting “Train the trainers” within the project of “Modernising European Legal Education” (MELE) took place in London. The meeting was intended to familiarize teaching staff, especially young academics, with new innovative teaching methods and to sensitize them to the teaching of transversal competences within the framework of regular teaching. The three-day event was held at Regent´s University in a hybrid format so that participants who could not travel were also able to take part. 16 participants from the consortium travelled to London and worked together with 5 colleagues from Regent´s University on two different areas – new and innovative teaching methods and transversal competences – and tried to link them together.  

On the first day, the participants were challenged by the keynote speech of Prof. Mark Allinson, Director of Student Experience, of the London School of Economics, with his interactive presentation “Why we need to innovate teaching?”. He highlighted the importance of transversal competences, especially in the concept of higher education. The afternoon was dedicated to the teaching method of Clinical Legal Education and our associated partner ENCLE introduced “European standards for Clinical Legal Education” by Dr. Ulrich Stege, which were also discussed afterwards. In the follow-up, Alan Russel from London South Bank University explained their Legal Clinic and the importance of these for the access to legal aid in the United Kingdom. Prof. Dr. Alan Uzelac, Ass. Prof. Dr. Sladana Aras Kramer and Dr. Juraj Brozovic shared the development of the Zagreb legal clinics program with all participants and showed how a comprehensive clinical legal education could look like. All speakers highlighted the different transversal competences of decision-making, problem-solving and teamwork in their presentations.  

On the second day, new and innovative teaching methods, especially those from other study disciplines were presented, discussed, and analyzed to what extent these methods can also be applied in the teaching of law. With a presentation by Dr. Mareike Fröhlich, the participants were reminded about the structure and objectives of the Teaching Method Tool Box. Afterwards, Dr. Mireille Hebing from Regent´s University shared her experience of lecturing by including case studies in her teaching and expected learning outcome of the students.  

On the third day, Dr. Alexis Brassey brought up the question in his presentation if legal education really should be changed due to changing transversal competences. This fostered a very lively discussion on what modern legal education should look like and it also showed how different legal education looks like in different countries. Afterwards a lively discussion regarding the challenges of digitalization in the legal profession and teaching started. In this context, Dr. Tatiana Martinez from Regent´s University raised the idea if “Robots can replace lawyers”. Finally, the participants talked about “Teaching in a digital age”. Prof. Maria Charalambous explained the way of Regent´s University for digital teaching and Ted Wilkes, a professor for screenwriting and film production, shared his experiences with teaching by using ePortfolios.  

The LTT2-workshop focused on the Intellectual Output 3 (IO3), which deals with the “METHOD TOOL BOX for teaching skills in legal education”. It is based on the results of the Survey (IO1) and focused on the discussion of the different working groups. The works in IO3 were started with an online Kick-Off Meeting and 4 working groups were created who create teaching materials and examples which will be tested and taught to young teaching assistants in the upcoming LTT3 meeting in Cadiz this September 2022. 

By EI-Mag