EVER Scholarship
EVER Scholarship for students from Ukraine

Call for donations to support students from Ukraine for the academic year 2022/23

Since its foundation, the Alumni Association of the Europa-Institut Rechtswissenschaft - EVER e.V. has supported students in the Master's programme of the Europa-Institut, which has successfully taught basic European values as well as democratic and constitutional structures to students from all over the world for decades.

In the summer semester, the Europa-Institut gives Ukrainian students the opportunity to carry out an Erasmus stay. We assume that the students will stay in Germany after the summer. We would like to give them the opportunity to continue participating in the LL.M. programme beyond the Erasmus stay. For this reason, EVER would like to give students in the future cohort the opportunity to benefit from this training with a (partial) scholarship. As a sign of international understanding, to which EVER is committed according to its statutes, we want to award this scholarship to students from Ukraine who feel committed to the European system of values and thus give the students a perspective for the future.

We would be delighted if you would support this idea of an EVER scholarship for the academic year 2022/23 for Ukrainian students at the Europa-Institut by making a donation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact EVER!

Alumni Association of the Europa-Institut EVER e.V.
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Reason for payment: Ukraine STIPENDIUM 2022

Contact: ever@europainstiut.de

About EVER e.V.: The Alumni Association of the Europa-Institut Rechtswissenschaft - EVER e.V. is responsible for maintaining contacts with former students of the LL.M. programme of the Europa-Institut at Saarland University. Through numerous activities, EVER promotes the establishment of a widespread international network of graduates of the Europa-Institut and thus ensures the mutual exchange of information after graduation from the Master's programme. The association, which was founded in 1996 by students of the Europa-Institut, has been a registered association (EVER e.V.) since 2002 and has been recording a continuous increase in the number of members for years: about half of the members of the association live in Germany, the other half live in other countries within and outside Europe, spread over all continents. This guarantees international networking all over the world and enables alumni to stay in contact with the Europa-Institut even after graduation.

UPDATE: Thanks to generous donations from alumni from all over the world, it will be possible to support three students with scholarships this year!