"Rule of Law - Alternative Dispute Resolution": New online course
eCourse: Introduction to Arbitration

New online course about "Key Issues in Commercial and Investment Arbitration"

Within the framework of the project "Rule of Law: Alternative Dispute Resolution as a opportunity for peaceful dispute settlement", funded by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Foreign Office, an online course on dispute resolution was created under the direction of Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg. The funding was provided under the DAAD programme line "University Dialogue with the Countries of the Western Balkans". 

eCourse: Introduction to Arbitration
The aim of the project is to introduce the participants to the key issues in commercial and investment arbitration and to analyse the specific situation in Southeast Europe from a “Rule of Law” perspective. The course consists of a number of video-podcasts which were recorded by renowned academics and practitioners both from partner faculties in the Western Balkans as well as from the Europa-Institut, additionally further experts were invited to share their experiences. The videos will allow students to familiarize with the key aspects of international dispute resolution, such as the arbitration agreement, applicable laws, jurisdiction, the role of national courts, recognition and enforcement, etc.

Project "Rule of Law: Alternative Dispute Resolution as a opportunity for peaceful dispute settlement"
Europa-Institut together with the South East European Law School Network (SEELS) and its member faculties (Split, Osijek, Zagreb, Rijeka, Zenica, Sarajevo, Belgrade and Nis) implement the project aiming to increase and improve the use of Dispute Resolution throughout the Western Balkans and to explain what makes it a viable alternative to going to court. The project aims to raise the awareness for the rule of law in the field of justice, especially in regards to legal disputes. Dispute resolution is taught in legal education mainly in connection with traditional court proceedings, but lacking the perspective of dispute resolution outside of the traditional jurisdiction, like arbitration, negotiations as well as mediation. Such dispute resolution (DR) has proven to be a valuable pillar in enhancing access to justice, bringing rapid and less costly consent-based dispute resolution to businesses in many emerging economies. The initial activites of a summer school and a regional round table were changed to this eCourse and national country reports about the legislation regarding commercial and investment arbitration.

University Dialogue with the Countries of the Western Balkans
The programme aims to contribute to the strengthening of civil societies, the development of democracy and the reduction of ethnic conflicts in the target region. In this way, the programme also contributes to the sustainable development of academic teaching and research, the promotion of young researchers and cross-border professional cooperation in the region.

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