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We have news - a lot of them, actually. The Europa-Institut is very active with regard to research, studying, organizing international colloquia or keeping in touch with our alumni. With the new "EI-Mag" - the news magazine of the Europa-Institut, we want to keep you updated on all that is happening at the Europa-Institut. 

EI-Mag, the interactive web magazine of the Europa-Institut is managed by the institute and its staff. In our new magazine, we want to publish reports, interviews and service topics about the institute. We prepare information on current events, research and study topics, portraits of students, alumni, academics and professionals within the field of European and international law as well as the services offered by the institute. Anyone who wants to be regularly informed about new articles can register for our newsletter and will then receive an e-mail notification with the latest articles at a regular interval. Articles can also be shared via social networks via the "Share" function at the right-hand side of each article. 

We offer news and information with regard to the Europa-Institut and all its activities in the following categories:

Academia - all you need to know about our research projects, the chairs of our two directors Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg and Prof. Dr. Thomas Giegerich, publications, international symposia, colloquia and the Jean Monnet Chair for European Integration, Anti-Discrimination, Human Rights and Diversity 

Global - we are literally connected with the whole world - through our projects like the SEE EU Cluster of Excellence, our research work, our students and alumni and we want to tell you all about it in this category

Stories - it's the people that come to the Europa-Institut that make up the Europa-Institut experience and in this category you will meet some of them and read the stories they have to tell

Alumni - keeping in touch with all our alumni and those that feel close to the Europa-Institut is important to us and we love to share all the news regarding our alumni and our alumni association EVER e.V.


Benefits of our new platform:

Regular information via newsletter - Register now and you´ll get all the information on what is happening at the Europa-Institut in regular intervals

You want to know what is happening next? See our Events-Page

International Network and Networking For alumni who want to reconnect, we can only recommend to join our Alumni Association EVER e.V. - www.europainstitut.de/ever. They offer a wide-range network and as part of the alumni association, you will get access to our network via this platform and be able to connect with other members all over the world


Social media channels: The Europa-Institut is also present on a lot of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Xing, Youtube and of course on our website www.europainstitut.de

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/school/europa-institut-saarland-university/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/europainstitut/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/europainstitut.saarbruecken/

Join any of our social media communities today and keep in touch with the Europa-Institut and all its students, lecturers, friends, supporters and alumni!


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