New cooperation
Europa-Institut starts cooperation with the European School Rotenbühl-Gymnasium

Students of the Saarbrücker Gymnasium am Rotenbühl who are interested in European and international law and politics can take part in the "EIus-Europa-Juniorworkshop" at the Europa-Institut of Saarland University from the ninth grade onwards. In several events, they gain insights into current topics related to European integration, get to know academics at the university as well as institutions of the European Union.

An agreement to this effect was signed on 5 October 2022 by Prof. Dr. Marc Bungenberg and principal Oscar Dawo during the first event entitled "European Integration between the Second World War and the Attack on Ukraine" in the presence of Hermann Simon of Saarbrücken's Villa Lessing and State Advisor for European Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture Edith Günther. 

"The idea that academics of the Europa-Institut introduce current topics around European law and international law, approach these topics with the pupils and discuss them intensively, has turned out to be a very successful concept", explains Professor Marc Bungenberg.

In December, the 25 students will also attend a rhetoric and presentation seminar at the Villa Lessing in Saarbrücken. A highlight in February 2023 is an excursion to Strasbourg with a visit to the European Parliament, which is financially supported by Villa Lessing. The students can also attend selected lectures and seminars at the Europa-Institut. In addition, they design a workshop as part of Europe Day in May 2023. At the end, the students receive a certificate of participation in the EIus-Europa-Juniorworkshop - a "small" counterpart to the certificate "European and International Law (EIus)", which students of the Faculty of Law at Saarland University can already acquire during their studies.

Here is a report on the first day of the cooperation on SR3 (in German) https://www.sr.de/sr/sr3/themen/panorama/europaschule_und_europainstitut...