EuGH Moot Court
The real ECJ feeling

Oral hearings in the ECJ courtroom

Last Monday, the oral proceedings of the ECJ Moot Court took place again under the supervision of Dr. Sibylle Seyr and Dr. Jean-Christophe Puffer-Mariette in Luxembourg. The Moot Court on European Law simulates a trial of a current European law case before the ECJ. The Moot Court enables the students to gain an insight into the course of the proceedings before the European Court of Justice. The participants take on the roles of the parties to a preliminary ruling procedure before the ECJ; this time of the Judges of the Court, the Registry, party representatives and a representative of an additional EU Member State.

The participants were confronted with a preliminary ruling procedure, which this year dealt with highly relevant questions of European data protection. For this purpose, the teams prepared written memoranda and dealt with the procedural law of the ECJ. The written phase was followed by the oral hearing on July 18 on the premises of the ECJ. In addition to working in a team, the students were able to demonstrate both their argumentation skills and their oral negotiation skills. After the hearing, the debriefing took place over a cozy dinner in Luxembourg with the supervisors.

The ECJ Moot Court is a great experience because it gives students the opportunity to practically apply European law. In addition, the oral proceedings traditionally take place in an ECJ courtroom, which is a unique opportunity to experience a trial before the ECJ under (almost) real conditions.

A big thank you for the great organization and support goes to Dr. Sibylle Seyr and Dr. Jean-Christophe Puffer-Mariette, who made this Moot Court possible.