Trip to Regent's University, London

Simulation/workshop with focus on "Refugees in Europe" at Regent's University, London

From 15 to 19 June 2022, the simulation/workshop, with focus on "Refugees in Europe" together with students from the Regent's University took place in London. The program includet basic lectures on this topic in the fields of politics, sociology, law and economics by academics from Regent’s University.


The five-day trip to London started on Wednesday with a reception by Dr Neven Andjelic at Regents University. This was followed by a short tour of the university, which is centrally located in the beautiful Regents Park. Every morning on the way to university you could walk through the green park past water and geese. The first evening ended together with Dr Andjelic in a typical London pub on Baker Street.


On the second day, the workshop began. We first discussed current issues regarding fugitives in the UK with Dr Neven Andjelic and Dr Mireille Hebing. In particular, we discussed the British government's plan to send refugees by plane back to Rwanda to await asylum. This procedure was heavily criticised by refugee organisations and also led to a ruling by the ECtHR, which ultimately stopped the flight.

We also discussed the refugee situation in Europe in general, especially the comparison of the treatment of Ukrainian and Syrian refugees.


On the third day, we had the opportunity to participate in simulations concerning, on the one hand, the different treatment of refugees and the system of reception in the different countries. We also had the opportunity to think for ourselves about a structure of how refugees could be received and what countries could do to improve reception and integration. Thinking about this structure also included questions about how best to integrate a refugee. These ideas were finally presented in groups, followed by a discussion.


After these three days of a combination of exciting lectures and workshops, we had the opportunity to spend another day exploring London ourselves.

Besides Big Ben and the London Eye, we also visited various pubs and ate the typical British Pie. In the South Bank, we had the opportunity to try street food from all over the world.

Unfortunately, we had to return to Germany the next day.


All in all, it was an exciting and thrilling trip.

By Miriam Schmitt
Miriam Schmitt